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What is Light Therapy/ PMB?

Photobiomodulation (PBM) is the use of low level light therapy to stimulate cellular function in the body. It involves exposure to specific wavelengths of light, typically in the red or near infrared spectrum. It is thought to work by activating cellular processes, such as increasing energy production and reducing oxidative stress.

Who Can Benefit From Light Therapy/ PBM?

People with Chronic Pain

PBM Has been shown to reduce pain and information make it a potential treatment for people with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia

People Recovering from Acute Injury or Surgery

PBM has been shown to promote wound healing, cellular healing and tissue repair.

People with Skin Concerns

PBM can help improve skin health, reduce acne and make your skin glow!


PBM can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve muscle recovery which can be beneficial for athletes looking to improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury and for faster recovery from injury.

People with Neurological Conditions

PBM has shown promise in treating neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury and stroke.

Healthy People!

PBM is a non-invasive, natural therapy that can support overall Wellness and promote cellular health.

  • Body

    • Improve wound healing and tissue repair
    • Boost collagen production and reduce wrinkles
    • Improve skin health and reduce acne
    • Treating certain medical conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis
    • Reduce muscle fatigue and promote muscle recovery
    • Enhance athletic performance
  • Mind

    • Improve sleep quality
    • Boost mood and reduce symptom of depression
    • Support neurological function and potential treatment for certain neurological disorders such as traumatic brain injury and stroke
  • And More...

    • Reducing oxidative stress and promote cellular health
    • Stimulate hair growth
    • Improve vision and treat certain eye conditions such as macular district degeneration
    • Promote dental health and certain oral conditions such as oral mucositis
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H Light® Neck & Joint Mat

Our compact H Light® Neck and Joint Light Therapy Mat is ideal for on-the-go targeted pain relief.

Designed specifically for the neck and joints, it is ideal for managing neck tension, joint discomfort, or muscle stiffness. It uses 660nm red and 850nm near-infrared light to speed up healing, reduce inflammation, and improve blood flow.

This portable mat has a built-in battery which is USB- rechargeable, providing up to 10 therapy sessions per charge. Its small size and cordless design make it exceptionally convenient for travel and quick relief.

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H Light® Body Mat

This versatile mat delivers targeted relief using therapeutic red and near-infrared light, perfect for addressing pain, joint inflammation, muscle stiffness, sports injuries, wound recovery, skin issues, and enhancing sleep and mood.

Its compact and flexible design, complete with stretchable Velcro straps, ensures easy placement on any part of the body. Highly portable and adaptable, it's ideal for both home use and on-the-go healing.

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H Light® Body & Face Mat

Explore the multifunctional benefits of our mat that combines red, near-infrared, and blue light therapy in one device.

This mat not only helps with pain and inflammation but also targets skin issues. The additional blue light at 470nm can effectively inhibit bacterial and fungi growth, making it great for disinfecting wounds, bites, sore and treating pimples and acne. 

Its design is suitable for comfortable use on both the face and body, enhancing skin health for a younger appearance.

Lightweight and portable, it's a versatile wellness tool for use anywhere.

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H Light® Full Body Mat

Experience comprehensive light therapy, covering you from head to toe with 660nm red and 850nm near-infrared light.

This large mat ensures deep tissue penetration and delivers widespread health benefits, allowing you to treat extensive areas in just 15 minutes, whether lying down or sitting comfortably. It's ideal for those dealing with chronic pain, in need of muscle recovery, or seeking skin rejuvenation.

It features multiple modes, including a pulsing 40 Hz for cognitive support. Additionally, it rolls up for easy storage, offering a space-saving solution that outperforms large, bulky light panels, making it perfect for home use or smaller spaces.

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H Light® Neuro Red Light Cap

Experience enhanced cognitive function, pain relief, and hair regrowth with the stylish H Light Neuro red light therapy cap.

Featuring advanced LED technology with 670nm and 810nm wavelengths specifically customized for cognitive enhancement, backed by scientific research. The cap offers both static and pulsing modes at 10 and 40 Hz for versatile benefits. Certified safe with CE listings, it’s perfect for at-home therapy.

The cap ensures comfortable, targeted treatment and portable use with a battery pack, plus an automatic 15-minute shutoff for convenience.

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