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H Light® - Body Mat

H Light® - Body Mat

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Introducing our innovative H Light® Body light therapy mat! Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, this versatile mat is the perfect solution for targeting specific areas of your body with therapeutic red and near infrared light.

Whether you're dealing with tension /pain, joint inflammation /swelling/discomfort, muscle stiffness/ inflammation, sports injury, wound recovery, skin issues or you need sleep enhancement or mood relaxation, our body mat provides targeted relief and relaxation. With its small size and flexible design, you can simply place it to ensure optimal coverage anywhere on your body that needs light therapy.

  1. Comprehensive Wellness Benefits: Our 660nm and 850nm LED light therapy has been scientifically proven to provide a wide range of benefits. Experience accelerated tissue repair, enhanced cellular regeneration, reduced inflammation, improved oxygenation & blood circulation, enhanced skin health, improved sleep or mood and relief from pain and muscle soreness. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance performance or an individual seeking overall well-being, our body mat is here to support your goals.
  2. Each mat has three modes: red light only at 660nm, near infrared only at 850nm, and a combined mode with both red light and near infrared light. You can also choose to have continuous light or a pulsed mode at 10 Hz.
  3. Each recommended treatment session is 15 mins and the light will automatically switch off.
  4. Stretchable velcro straps on the back of the mat allow maximum usage flexibility. You can secure it onto your pillow, onto the back of your chair or securely wrap the mat around parts of your body requiring treatment.
  5. The travel-friendly and light-weight design means you can bring the mat with you everywhere!  
  6. Safety and Efficiency: Your well-being is our top priority. Our LED body mat is built with the highest quality materials to ensure safe and effective therapy sessions. We also make sure the EMF level is close to zero. The low heat emission and non-invasive nature of light therapy make it a gentle and comfortable experience for all users.
Waterproof: Yes            Warranty:1 Year
LED Qty: 64 pcs             Wavelength: 660nm 850nm=1:2 RED & NIR
EMF  0 Inch: 0 ut           Irradiance 0 Inch: >100m W/c
Size 40x20cm                Power 15W                        Weight  0.58 kg
Weight 0.5kg
Certification: CE 

Experience the freedom to move while enjoying the benefits of light therapy. Don't let aches and pains hold you back - embrace the power of our Body mat and reclaim your comfort and mobility.

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