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H Fizz® Bottle - Molecular Hydrogen Generator

H Fizz® Bottle - Molecular Hydrogen Generator

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Introducing H Fizz® Bottle: Your On-the-Go Molecular Hydrogen Generator

Experience the power of hydrogen-rich water anytime, anywhere with H Fizz® Bottle, your ultimate companion for on-the-go wellness. This convenient and easy-to-use molecular hydrogen generator brings you the incredible benefits of hydrogen-rich water and hydrogen inhalation in a sleek and portable design.

Effortless Hydrogen-Rich Water Generation:

With just a press of a button, witness the magic of the latest PEM technology in action. In just 10 minutes, H Fizz® Bottle generates hydrogen-rich water with a concentration of up to 1.7ppm. Simply drink this water to enjoy its remarkable anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, and energy-boosting effects, among many other health benefits. 

Enhance Your Well-Being, Anytime

With H Fizz® Bottle, you can savor the rejuvenating power of hydrogen-rich water wherever you are. Whether you're at the gym, the office, or on a hike, this portable generator ensures that the wellness benefits of molecular hydrogen are always within your reach. The base can be adapted to be used with bottled water, making it even easier to carry around.

PEM Technology for Quality Assurance:

H Fizz® Bottle incorporates cutting-edge PEM technology to guarantee the safety and highest quality of your water. You can trust that every sip is enriched with molecular hydrogen to nourish and revitalize your body. CE certification means quality you can trust. 

Experience the Wellness Revolution:

Join the growing community of hydrogen enthusiasts and embrace the wellness revolution with H Fizz® Bottle. Empower your health and well-being with the simple yet powerful effects of molecular hydrogen, right at your fingertips.

Recommended Use:

We recommend to drink 1 L or more hydrogen-rich water everyday for a more significant effect. Start with a smaller amount as initial consumption may cause slight abdominal bloating or discomfort. Increase gradually as you feel comfortable. You cannot overdose with hydrogen water as excess will be excreted quickly.

Product name

H Fizz ®Bottle.


400 ml

Net weight



Diameter: 75 +/-1mm, Height:215+/-3mm


Lithium battery 1400 mAh

Charging time

3 to 4 hours.


Input: AC 100 to 240V/50-60Hz Output: DC5V/1A

Working time

Press ‘on/off’ button twice for 5- minutes cycle and 3 times for 10-minute cycle

No. of hydrogenation cycles when fully charged

8 to 10 cycles, depending on water quality.

Hydrogen concentration

Hydrogen concentration can reach up to 1.6ppb after a 10- minute cycle ( ~ 6mg/L)


Body: Borosilicate glass

Cover and base: Food- grade ABS (outer shell) PC (inner parts)

SPE membrane (electrolysis plate)

DuPont  117  proton exchange membrane (made in USA)

Titanium base, platinum coating

Service life: ~6000 hrs

Safety Standard

CE certified  (conforms with European standards)

For user instruction and more information, please visit our YouTube channel:

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