Hydrogen Water Testimonials:

  1. Peggy:

"Ever since I drank hydrogen water, I can feel the difference between drinking regular water and hydrogen water. Pretty much immediately after drinking hydrogen water, I don’t feel as tired and have more energy. The H Fizz Bottle is so easy to carry and use, I take it pretty much wherever I go. Highly recommend." 

  1. PJ Chan:

"I was skeptical at first, but after using hydrogen water regularly, I noticed that my digestion had significantly improved. This hydrogen bottle is so easy to use, just the right size, and the battery lasts for quite a while. I would definitely recommend using it for your health benefit." 

  1. Roselyne Lee:

"Because of sensitive guts, I often suffered from cramping pain in the abdomen. However, since I replaced all my drinking water with hydrogen water, I don't feel this pain anymore. Feeling free of this discomfort has greatly improved the quality of my life. Furthermore, the bottle is easy to use and of the right size." 

  1. Stephen:

"I have been drinking my hydrogen water after my tennis and gym sessions, and I do find that my recovery time is much faster than with regular water. All I need to do is make the water and keep it in an aluminum bottle. Easy!" 

  1. Chris:

"I have been using H-Fizz as my regular water bottle in the office and I've been drinking hydrogen water exclusively. I feel that it gives me more energy throughout the day, and watching the hydrogen bubbles during the preparation is quite therapeutic! Another benefit is that I end up drinking more water than before." 

  1. Ivy:

"I suffer from occasional eczema and sensitive skin conditions, but I find that after a month of drinking hydrogen water, my skin condition has improved overall. My skin feels more bouncy and supple." 

  1. Ken T:

"I am 77 years old and suffer from arthritis. I started drinking hydrogen water after reading about this. It is very easy to do, and I feel less pain after persisting for a few weeks. I have been trying to avoid painkillers as I know that side effects are terrible. I wish people can know about these remedies and opt for healthier options." 

Hydrogen Inhalation Testimonials:

  1. Michael:

"I tried inhaling hydrogen gas for an hour each day. At the end of each session, I feel I can breathe more easily and smoothly, my muscles are less tight, and I feel more relaxed. My mind also becomes clearer. It is a good way to end each day before bed." 

  1. Mr. Chan:

"I am a stage 3 lung cancer patient, and I constantly struggle with breathing difficulty. I started inhaling hydrogen gas to help me reduce these symptoms. I can notice immediate ease with my breathing, helping me sleep and rest better. Most of all, this does not interfere with my regular treatments. Thank you for such a good invention!" 

  1. Francis:

"I have a hydrogen inhalation machine which I place next to my desk. I use it for anywhere between 30-60 minutes on a daily basis while I work. It gives me more vitality, and I feel more 'awake' after I use it. I feel that it also gives me more clarity of thought and I can concentrate better while I'm doing the hydrogen inhalation and afterwards. I have been drinking hydrogen water daily for 6 months and recently started inhaling hydrogen gas. It has helped reduce my upper respiratory issues and also alleviate allergy symptoms. I feel more energized, breathe better, and enjoy better quality sleep! When I contracted coronavirus for the second time, I was concerned my respiratory issues would resurface. The hydrogen gas helped my breathing, and thankfully my symptoms were minimal, which led to a full recovery." 

COVID & Flu Testimonials:

  1. Y. Choi:

"I started using the H Fizz machine when I had the flu. It helped my symptoms and sped up the recovery process. I continued to use the machine to breathe hydrogen as it helps my concentration, energy, and overall health. Several friends told me it was the only product that helped them with their long COVID symptoms." 

  1. Virginia:

"I used the H Fizz Lite Machine when I had COVID. As my symptoms were very bad, I felt that the machine had helped me recover better and sleep better." 

  1. Pamela:

"I had COVID and was feeling very tired, had a headache, and was coughing profusely. I was so weak I could not get out of bed for 3 days. I was then introduced to hydrogen inhalation, and after 2 1-hour sessions, my breathing was much smoother, coughing reduced, and my energy came back. Best of all, I tested negative and could get back to my daily routine. The level (and speed) of improvement is so amazing! Thank you, H Fizz!"