Hi, I am Corinne, the founder of Harmony Central, H Fizz & H Light brands.

The mission of or company is to help people to have better Health, to Heal, to be in Harmony and to live Happier lives. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with chronic conditions, as well as those who simply want to feel their best. 
This is why we make sure our products meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy, quality and backed by the latest scientific research, whilst ensuring affordability.

I know how it feels to be unwell. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 12 years ago. A few years before that, I suffered from serious anxiety issues accompanied by panic attacks. I am glad to say, my anxiety issue has completely resolved without pharmaceutical intervention.

In order to manage my symptoms and heIp my body heal, I spent much time researching and exploring natural, safe, and effective healing products which do not involve chemicals or toxins and do not require taking more pills. Combining my medical background as a dentist; my understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection through studying psychology and behavioral health; and my meditative and Taichi practice experiences, I am able to employ a holistic, whilst scientific approach.

As a result, I have not only found ways to improve my own heath and manage symptoms, but my family and friends have also benefitted. Our products harness the natural healing power of nature to promote healing and wellness in a way that is gentle, yet highly effective. I have personally experienced and seen with my own eyes how these products effectively help relieve symptoms including pain, insomnia, inflammation, arthritis, eczema, drug or treatment side-effects, brain fog and long covid issues; improved generally health and sports performance.

Now, I truly want to make these helpful tools available to benefit more people. Because I know the suffering of ill-health, I want to help you feel better. Healing is our goal, but even symptomatic relief is priceless. Everyone needs help sometimes, and I am confident that H Fizz and H Light products can help you achieve better health and feel better so you can live a happier and more harmonious life.  

Corinne BSc(psy) BDS, PDipGDS, MSoc Behavioral Health